Please RT and note our invitation to submit manuscripts by March 2021 to the new #SpecialIssue “Rubella Virus Pathogenesis” in #mdpipathogens.
#rubellavirus @Pathogens_MDPI @MDPIOpenAccess

Previous Friday we held our first small rubella virus symposium organized by Prof Annette Mankertz and her group at the #RKI in Berlin. During great sessions we intensified our collaboration on the interferon and inflammatory response to #rubellavirus infection.

Our multilevel proteomic profiling of #SARSCoV2, done with @labs_mann, is on #bioRxiv:! Measuring APMS + proteome, ubi & phospho changes upon virus infection helped to detect new #COVID19 drug targets. Big thanks to all involved!

Superb work from our department in Heidelberg.
I am amazed by what can be achieved by a beautiful team work. Special congrats to @ChlandaL @steffen_kl @mirkocortese
SARS-CoV-2 structure and replication characterized by in situ cryo-electron tomography

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